Tian Tian Wang
Exhibition View

In my pictures you'll find again and again the same symbol - the mountain as object of nature, natural, unstressed, always different and never confining. To me the mountain has a special meaning; it is a symbol for my feelings towards nature. The mountain is three-dimensional; it is familiar like the daily walk. I am part of the mountain, I can sense it. I can sense everything that is part if the mountain. There I can dissolve. There I can respond to myself and the mountain supports me. The mountain is generous, noble and also gentle. In my pictures the mountain is unadorned, meek and alluring. I paint the mountain in warm colours - brown, black mixed with white and olive. I trust it. It is a very light object like a feather like every natural object - like water, like fire. It is bright and beautiful, kittenish, especially cool and fresh. It is soft green, water blue. The mountain can purify my soul.

You can enter the mountain and also see it from a distance. It is like a shadow, a memory, reminiscence. In my dream it appears indistinct.

Sometimes the mountain is sly and intimidating. I have experienced for a long time that art, music and literature are closely connected like the deeply felt sadness of a human about an unfulfilled life

This melancholy is common and personal at the same time. I can feel the mountain's power to attract me while I am painting.