Tian Tian Wang
Exhibition View

The main theme of my pictures is burning and fire. At the centre is the house as the object that is crushed, overwhelmed by smoke and fire.

The house remains in this state seemingly unaffected and composed - it totally accepts the fires and smokes doings.

As subject smoke and fire are changing their density continuously thereby they acquire special aesthetics, which is similar to the process of creation.

In my pictures I want to express the pristine, the meta-physical, and the symbolic of the fire, the blaze.

I want to emphasise the extraordinary contrast that occurs in between simply looking at a burning house on the one side and the tragedy, silence, and the meditatively metaphorical language that is being associated with the burning on the other side. I also want to clarify a deeper and purer perception of the unsettled dancing of fire and smoke that causes an ongoing change in colour and shape of the house, the background, and ground as part of the grand silent fire.